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I’ve started a 100-day daily UI prompt from Below are some of the highlights, and if you’d like to follow along, you can see my progress on Dribbble and Instagram.

001 – Sign Up Flow

002 – Checkout

In this prompt, I added two screens to the requested checkout flow, approaching the solution as if Starbucks were an e-commerce coffee company only, without physical stores.

003 – Landing Page

Lately, I’ve been craving croissants from one of my favorite bakeries, Amelia’s Bread. In light of the stay-at-home order, I created a landing page for a fictional loyalty program that rewards members with free croissants.

004 – Calculator

For this calculator prompt, I created a loan calculator. Instead of leaving the user to select an ad-hoc interest rate that may or may not be applicable based on their financial situation, I used FICO Credit Scores to help approximate those rates.

005 – App Icon

It’s Donut Time. Originally created on a Friday morning (the prime time for donuts in our household), this app would function as a hub for all of the local donut shops in the user’s geographical area.